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Billing Authorization

Utility Billing Directive

Utility Management Services (UMS) requires all utility accounts to be set up and billed to the property owner of record.  All property owners served by UMS Companies are ultimately the responsible party for payment of the account and remain responsible irrespective of any tenancy.

The property owner may submit a Utility Billing Authorization request to UMS in order to bill a tenant or property management company.  When a request to add or change billing has been made, the owner of the property will be required to submit a Utility Billing Authorization form, which is available below or through a Customer Service Representative.  This is a contract between the property owner and UMS which states the requirements and policies for tenants or property management companies to receive a duplicate billing statement in their name.

The property owner is ultimately responsible for all utility charges on rental properties, including delinquent amounts and penalties.  The owner and both the outgoing and incoming tenants must not have any delinquent charges or any prior unpaid balances for services with UMS.  UMS will furnish copies of all monthly utility statements and any delinquency notices to the owner.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that tenants remain current.  If water is shut off for non-payment, the account may revert to the owner, and the owner will be responsible for payment in full in order to reinstate services. UMS does not prorate bills for tenants or rental properties.  Prorating is the responsibility of the Owner or Property Management Company.