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City of Marysville Sanitary Sewer serves the city of Marysville, California. Sanitary Sewer services are owned and operated by the City of Marysville. Billing and payment services are performed by UMS.

The Sewer System is a collection system consisting of separate piping system for the City’s sanitary sewers and storm drains. The sewage collection and conveyance facilities include approximately 63 miles of main sewer lines and 6 pumping stations. The storm drain piping system includes approximately 27 miles of piping and 3 pump stations. The City currently operates a wastewater treatment facility, which will be closed and decommissioned as part of the 2012 Project.

The City is a historic Gold Rush-era community, incorporated in 1851 and one of the original Charter Cities of California. The City is situated near the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at the confluence of the Yuba and Feather Rivers and has over 300 acres of parks and open space within the City’s approximate 3.2 square mile area. The City is strategically located 40 miles north of the state capitol of Sacramento, where Highway 70 and Highway 20 intersect, and is the county seat of Yuba County (the “County”). Commercial, agricultural, recreational, educational and industrial activities for the Yuba-Sutter area are centered around the City, giving rise to the nickname “Hub City.” The City has a small town atmosphere, boasting a population of 12,500 people, surrounded by a metropolitan population of 125,000 people.

Residents of Linda and Olivehurst: Please note, even though your mailing address may be for “Marysville, CA”, your sewer services are not provided by the City of Marysville.

There are currently no active sewer projects in the City of Marysville.

Service Charges

Service charges are a combination of Flat Rate charges and Incremental Rate charges. Customers pay both the flat rate and the associated incremental rate. Incremental rates are determined annually and are based on the average of the customer’s actual water used during the previous months of November, December, January, and February.

Flat Rate Monthly Charge
Residential $ 55.09
Other than residential $ 18.01
Incremental Rate Charge per ccf (100 cubic feet)
Residential None
Low Strength Classification: Offices, Pretreatment $ 5.55 / ccf
Medium Strength Classification: Commercial, Industrial $ 7.24 / ccf
High Strength Classification: Markets, Bakeries, Restaurants $ 8.93 / ccf
Other Fees
Late fee: For monthly bills not paid by the due date (Residential / Commercial) ($ 5.00 / $10.00)
Interest Charge for Ongoing Delinquent Balance 0.5% (One half of one percent)
Returned check (or returned autopayment) fee $ 35.00
Credit Card processing fee 2.5 %
Automatic Recurring Payment fee (Bank Draft / Credit Card) (None / 2.5 %)

Other Services and Fees
Please see the back of your bill for additional information about other services and fees.

The current rates were approved with the City of Marysville’s Resolution No. 2019-48.

The current late fees and returned payment fees were approved with the City of Marysville’s Resolution No. 2023-01.

Special Conditions
  1. In the event of unpaid sewer service charges, the City may, after exhausting other collection methods, make the unpaid charges a lien on the property.  This lien is then collected by Yuba County through the normal tax collection process.
  2. The established billing cycle for sewer is monthly and billed in advance.
  3. The responsible party for sewer charges is the Owner of Record per City of Marysville Ordinance No. 1438.

To contact a Customer Service Representative,
City of Marysville Sewer customers please dial 530-717-2602

Para hablar con un Represente de Servicio al Cliente,
clientes de Alcantarilla de la Ciudad de Marysville por favor marque 530-717-2602

The City of Marysville recently passed Resolution 2023-01, approving penalties associated with sewers and sewage disposal within the City of Marysville.

Please CLICK HERE to view Resolution 2023-01.

Customer Assistance