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Water Facts

How Much Water Do We Use?

Each of us has a role in keeping our water safe to drink. Just as “green thumb” people know how to care for plants, people with “blue thumbs” know how to take care of water. We challenge you to show off your “blue thumb” and take action to conserve and protect our water resources every day. To help you learn more about water, here are some interesting facts:

How Much Water Do We Use? Gallons
Taking a bath or shower 15-30
Watering the lawn and yard 180
Washing the dishes by machine/hand 14-60
Washing clothes 50
Washing the car 108
Brushing your teeth 1
Flushing the toilet (once) 3-5
Leaking toilet (per day) 60
Cooking 10
Drinking 1/2
How Much Water Does it Take to Produce One Serving? Gallons
Corn 61
Lettuce 6
French Fries 6
Tomatoes 3
Apples 16
Cantaloupe 51
Cherries 90
Oranges 22
Watermelon 100
Wheat bread 15
Rice 36
Almonds 12
Margarine 92
Sugar (from beets) 8
Milk 65
Cola Soft Drink 10
Coffee 37
Tea 9
Wine 32
Beer 20
Steak 2,607
Hamburger 1,303
Pork (1 pound) 756
Chicken(1 pound) 469
Sausage (1 pound) 1,382
Fresh Cheese (1 pound) 371
Eggs 136
Typical Breakfast 209
Typical Lunch 1,427
Typical Dinner 2,897
A day’s meals (total for one person) 4,533